greetin’ season

In American English, greeting is a noun or a verb, meaning to welcome someone or something new. In Scots English, greeting has an additionally verb meaning: to cry. I love the many meanings of this word, how it can encapsulate the mixed emotions of endings as moving and difficult, yet also the beginning of a... Continue Reading →


If you care about gender equality, you should watch the Women’s World Cup.

Gender inequality in the workplace is often difficult to measure. It's not just about equal pay, but the environment, the safety, the promotion structure, and the benefits of employees. Every industry is unfair in some way to women and transfolk, but it is difficult to find a more unequal workplace than the FIFA World Cup... Continue Reading →

Happy International Womxn’s Day!

Dedicated to all womxn*, but in particular, transwomen, migrant womxn, mothers, and every woman dreaming of, calling for, and creating better lives for her and her family, biological or chosen. There are more womxn than men on earth. On average we work longer, drain ourselves more emotionally, and receive absurdly less pay. We encounter street harassment, glass... Continue Reading →

Is there enough time?

I have always felt I never have enough time. In high school and university, I surrounded myself with many groups and activities (too many). My constant state was busyness, and I enjoyed always having something to do (and an ambitious part of me loved the chance to excel in school and do many other good... Continue Reading →

A Year Lived Abroad

above: On Tuesday night, the Scotland WNT and the USWNT  (football = soccer) played in Glasgow. This past week included my 365th day living outside the United States. Travel and the opportunity to move in the world is a huge privilege. My parents gifted me with experiences of different places and cultures from a young... Continue Reading →

Defining “local”

above: North Motherwell Parish Church In many of my academic and extracurricular activities in college, the word local dominated conversations. For many organizations and projects, wide consensus states that projects, particularly cultural, economic, and social development projects should be local-focused and local-led. There are a variety of reasons for this including empowerment of individuals involved... Continue Reading →

A Drop in the Bucket

When I onboarded into the YAV program, there was a degree of ambiguity surrounding what my work would look like this year. This is designed by the program to shift focus away from outsider-centered giving and encourage flexibility. Cross-cultural mission is only one of the YAV tenets; simple living, intentional Christian community, vocational discernment, and... Continue Reading →

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